In preparing this months’ utility billing Westminster has noticed some high consumption in residential accounts we normally just do not see.  Home plumbing systems may have become compromised because of the stress of the cold weather.
But you can check your house for leaks. This video was located on YouTube and it is very informative. Westminster installed all new residential meters finishing the project in the spring of 2016. All are outfitted with leak detectors.

Remember your 5/8” meter does have a leak detector as depicted in the photo below. If the dial is moving, even if you are sure everything that could be using water is shut-off in your home, then you probably have a leak in the plumbing system. Give it time when observing. The bigger the water loss the faster the dial will spin. This video may help you determine if  the home or commercial building you occupy has a water leak, which will mean of course a higher than necessary water bill.
Just remember to refrain from tampering with the electronic portion of the metering device. That creates a whole separate issue.  A small number of meters are in locked meter boxes, due to past incidences of meter tampering or destruction and this method will not be available for those accounts.

Posted by jadams Friday, February 9, 2018 4:18:00 PM