What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a statement of what the City of Westminster is and will become. It is centered on a community vision and identifies guiding principles as well as specific recommendations with time frames for implementation.

The plan is based on a composition of concepts, historic and projected patterns, and relationships that integrate the social aspects of our community with its physical character and development. 

What is included in a Comprehensive Plan?

The elements of a comprehensive plan are unique to each community and will vary from place to place. In most cases, the plan consists of a study of existing conditions and a discussion of future trends, goals, and objectives. Land use patterns, housing conditions, population, roadways, and other infrastructure issues are usually the principle elements that are studied. The new plan will address population, economic development, natural resources, cultural resources, community facilities, housing, land use, transportation, priority investment, and energy. 

Who is responsible for creation, review, and monitoring the Comprehensive Plan?

The Planning Commission is responsible for defining criteria and principles for engaging citizens in a public involvement process, identifying benchmarks, and timelines to measure success, and serving as “champions” of the process to make sure that criteria and principles continue to be applied throughout the development and implementation of the Plan.

The City of Westminster began the process by conducting a Community Vision Event on March 12, 2015 to collaborate with its citizens, businesses, and visitors to plan future growth.

At the meeting, they explored the attributes they believed fundamental to living meaningful and successful lives within the City of Westminster. The information shared by the participants is an element of the foundation on which the Comprehensive Plan is to be built.

You can view the presentation slides here and if you would like to add your voice to those who answered the questions in the presentation you may send  your thoughts to us via email or visit us at City Hall.

Community Engagement Events



Plan Element Committee Champions


Economic Development:
Ms. Sandra Powell

Natural Resources:
Mr. Steve White

Cultural Resources:
Mr. Ken Sloan

Community Facilities:

Mr. Wendell Tidwell

Land Use:
Wendell Tidwell

Ms. Sandra Powell

Priority Investment:
Mr. Ken Sloan

Mr. Steve White